November 17, 2019 Schooling Show Information

This show will be judged by Kathleen Mitchell-Petersen (L).  

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Upcoming Shows and Events

 Shows listed as "ADA  Schooling Shows" are eligible for Alpha Dressage year end awards.

2019-2020 Competition Year:  Dates subject to change

Nov. 17, 2019:  ADA Schooling Show at Triple J  Judge Kathleen Petersen (L)

Nov. 23:  SWFDA Schooling Show  Judge Heiner Jeibmann (R)

Jan 11:    SWFDA Schooling Show  Judge Beth Barritt (R)

Jan. 26, 2020:  ADA Schooling Show at Triple J

Feb 23, 2020:  ADA Schooling Show at Triple J

March 14:    SWFDA Schooling Show  Judge Judy Downer (r)

March 22, 2020:   ADA Schooling Show at Triple J

April 4-5, 2020  Fox Lea Dressage Show

April 11:  SWFDA  Schooling Show  Judge Charlotte Trentelman (R)

May 9, 2020:  ADA Schooling Show at Triple J (NOTE: this is a Saturday show)

Aug. 22-23, 2020:  Fox Lea Dressage Show

Annual Awards


Awards Program Information

To qualify for an Alpha Dressage Year End award, you must be a current ADA member.   The competition year varies annually, and for this year the October 6, 2019 show is the last show of our season.

You need 3 scores at the same test level (ie. training) from three different shows with the same horse/rider combination.  Any test of the level can be used.  If you ride more than one test at the same level at a show, the higher scoring test will be used.  The three highest scores for the year are averaged to determine the year end score.  

Submit scores from 3 ADA shows, same horse and rider combination, of 55% or higher for Introductory through Fourth Levels, including Prix Caprilli and Western Dressage.  2 scores are required for FEI Levels.   Scores should be submitted to .

Awards are announced at the annual banquet / holiday dinner.