January 26, 2020 Schooling Show Information

This show is recognized by the USDF Regional Schooling Show Awards program.  

If you wish to participate in this program you must register on-line (see link below) as additional information is collected that isn't listed on the PDF form.

This is also a WDAA recognized show for levels Intro through Level 1.

You can now enter our shows online at www.equestrianentries.com



Upcoming Shows and Events

 Shows listed as "ADA  Schooling Shows" are eligible for Alpha Dressage year end awards.

2019-2020 Competition Year:  Dates subject to change

Nov. 17, 2019:  ADA Schooling Show at Triple J  Judge Kathleen Petersen (L)

Nov. 23:  SWFDA Schooling Show  Judge Heiner Jeibmann (R)

Jan 11:    SWFDA Schooling Show  Judge Beth Barritt (R)

Jan. 26, 2020:  ADA Schooling Show at Triple J

Feb 23, 2020:  ADA Schooling Show at Triple J

March 14:    SWFDA Schooling Show  Judge Judy Downer (r)

March 22, 2020:   ADA Schooling Show at Triple J

April 4-5, 2020  Fox Lea Dressage Show

April 11:  SWFDA  Schooling Show  Judge Charlotte Trentelman (R)

May 9, 2020:  ADA Schooling Show at Triple J (NOTE: this is a Saturday show)

Aug. 22-23, 2020:  Fox Lea Dressage Show

Annual Awards


Awards Program Information

To qualify for an Alpha Dressage Year End award, you must be a current ADA member.   The competition year varies annually.  We have not finalized our schedule yet, but our final show will probably be in October.  Details to follow.

You need 3 scores at the same test level (ie. training) from three different shows with the same horse/rider combination.  Any test of the level can be used.  If you ride more than one test at the same level at a show, the higher scoring test will be used.  The three highest scores for the year are averaged to determine the year end score.  

Submit scores from 3 ADA shows, same horse and rider combination, of 55% or higher for Introductory through Fourth Levels, including Prix Caprilli and Western Dressage.  2 scores are required for FEI Levels.   Scores should be submitted to alphadressage@gmail.com .

Awards are announced at the annual banquet / holiday dinner.